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In a fast-moving digital transformation landscape, our clients are constantly exposed to attacks on their information resources and infrastructures. For this reason, we mobilise our expertise every day to provide them with guidance and support for their technical and organisational security challenges.

To provide guarantees and consolidate the trust that our clients place in us, Alter Solutions has implemented a labelling and certification process for our services and resources.

In particular, Alter Solutions uses PASSI qualification for all of our scopes: organisational and physical audit, architectural audit, configuration audit, code audit and penetration test.

This qualification ensures, for example, that our clients can rely on the high level of expertise of our auditors and a robust audit process.


Discover our expertise

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Cybersecurity Management

Our expertise to strengthen your security posture

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Group 613-1 Group 613
Architecture and Solutions Integration

Shape your security information system

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Group 609-2 Group 609-3
Audit & Pentesting

Assess the level of security of your information systems

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Group 615-2 Group 615-3

Improve your incident prevention, detection and response

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Our business models

IT Outsourcing means hiring external service providers to ensure and deliver certain IT solutions and functions – like software development. Our Outsourcing teams combine the experience of Senior Engineers with the dynamism and creativity of young professionals, resulting in multidisciplinary and flexible partnerships that benefit the Client.

Nearshoring means hiring an IT partner in a nearby country. Nearshore teams work in the same or very similar time zone as the Client's, and share working culture values. At Alter Solutions, we honor the Nearshore DNA by providing adapted work methodologies, project management tailored to the Client, live projects & teams, and shared language.

Turnkey Projects
The Client launches a challenge. Alter Solutions' specialised teams idealise and develop the project for immediate implementation. As the word "turnkey" suggests, it means that the client can simply start using the finished product after the IT service provider develops it, considering the initial requirements and the business terms agreed upon.

Cybersecurity Case Studies

Pentest & Red Team

We were integrated into the customer's Red Team, which is responsible for identifying, verifying and escalating vulnerabilities that may impact the group.

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Creation of Security Standards for Urban Data Platforms of a Smart City

We helped the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) to establish an appropriate level of security for urban data platforms.

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Risk analysis and ISS compliance

We were integrated into a department dedicated to risk management and compliance of sensitive Information Systems (IS).

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