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Cloud Computing


Say goodbye to buying and worrying about maintaining your IT infrastructure and resources. Say hello to Alter Solutions’ Cloud Computing services, which will easily provide you, over the internet, all the servers, data storage, networking capabilities and software applications your business needs to thrive.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the delivery of IT services – including servers, networking components, databases, storage, software, applications, among others – over the Internet.

These computing resources are hosted on a remote (cloud-based) data storage managed by a third-party provider like Alter Solutions, so they can be accessed by your business on-demand and with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Cloud Computing with Alter Solutions

Do you need secure and scalable IT solutions? Here are some of the Cloud Computing services we provide:
Cloud Engineers discussing technical improvements on a client's infrastructure

We examine your current IT infrastructure situation to determine next steps.

We advise you on how to smoothly transition to a Cloud Computing environment.

We work on design and implementation of adjustable and secure solutions.

We oversee cloud usage and make sure everything runs efficiently when you need to add or reduce IT resources.

Through a FinOps approach, we help you achieve cost optimisation by applying operational models that promote financial responsibility, associated with best practices in the management of Cloud services.

In order to minimise production issues and increase productivity, we introduce automation of operational services.

We take care of the migration of your in-house applications to the Cloud.

We ensure integration chain transformation and continuous deployment using DevOps culture and tools.

Software-as-a-Service is a form of Cloud Computing where we can develop software applications for your business, naturally hosted on the cloud.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service is another popular type of Cloud Computing, meaning your whole IT infrastructure would be cloud-based.

With state-of-the-art technological resources and huge storage capacity, these services provide a competitive advantage to companies, facilitating innovation and transformation using Big Data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

How our Cloud teams work

Cloud Architects overseeing a client's cloud computing strategy

Alter Solutions’ experienced Cloud services teams include:

  • Back-end Developers
  • Front-end Developers
  • Architects
  • Cloud Computing specialists
  • DevOps specialists

In this way we ensure that each solution is:

  • Secure
    …through compliance policies, refined internal controls and configuration techniques such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD).
  • Scalable
    … in managing a system with reduced risk.
  • Centralised
    …and easy to manage.
  • Stable
    …and always available.

Types of Cloud Computing

Whether you want to hire SaaS, IaaS or other Cloud service, first you need to decide the type of cloud architecture to implement them on:
Public Cloud

Owned and operated by a third-party service provider like Alter Solutions. A few examples of public cloud platforms are Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

 Private Cloud

The infrastructure is accessed and used exclusively by one organisation, and it’s maintained on a private network. This way, no other business will have access to the same IT resources you do.

 Hybrid Cloud

By combining public and private clouds, a hybrid cloud enables your data and software applications to move between those two environments, giving your business the flexibility and agility it needs to gain competitive advantage.

Key benefits of Cloud Computing

DevOps Engineers improving a new software's performance
Cost savings

Since you don’t have to pay for and maintain expensive hardware and software, you can choose exactly which IT services you need and get them at lower costs.

Higher speed
Given the variety of technologies and tools you can implement on-demand over the cloud, you not only grant agility to your business, but also freedom and innovation.
Flexibility and scalability

According to your business needs at specific times, you can easily scale IT resources up and down. You can also do it on a global scale, deploying those resources to new geographic locations in an instant.

Enhanced performance and security

Especially on public clouds, hardware components are constantly upgraded and optimised. Plus, security is a big part of cloud services, so you can trust that your data, infrastructure and software will be protected from cyberthreats. 

Better disaster recovery strategy
Automated and scalable disaster recovery services are a key component of the cloud. This will help you prevent data loss in case any threat comes your way.

Our expertise

Our business models

IT Outsourcing means hiring external service providers to ensure and deliver certain IT solutions and functions – like software development. Our Outsourcing teams combine the experience of Senior Engineers with the dynamism and creativity of young professionals, resulting in multidisciplinary and flexible partnerships that benefit the Client.

Nearshoring means hiring an IT partner in a nearby country. Nearshore teams work in the same or very similar time zone as the Client's, and share working culture values. At Alter Solutions, we honor the Nearshore DNA by providing adapted work methodologies, project management tailored to the Client, live projects & teams, and shared language.

Turnkey Projects
The Client launches a challenge. Alter Solutions' specialised teams idealise and develop the project for immediate implementation. As the word "turnkey" suggests, it means that the client can simply start using the finished product after the IT service provider develops it, considering the initial requirements and the business terms agreed upon.
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