Penetration testing (Pentest)

Assess the security of your IS from an attacker's point of view.

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To provide guarantees and strengthen customer confidence, we are committed to a process of labelling and certification of our services and resources.

In particular, we are PASSI-qualified for all our scopes: organisational and physical audit, architecture audit, configuration audit, code audit and penetration testing.

Among other things, this qualification guarantees our customers a high level of expertise from our auditors, as well as a robust and proven audit process.

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Our Pentesting offer

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Based on a perimeter agreed with the customer, our auditors intervene according to different scenarios.

They can simulate attacks from outside and/or inside your network, or target specific systems and equipment.

They work with you to define the scenarios and choose the approaches (black box, grey box and white box) that best meet your security objectives.


Our penetration testing services cover all IT, OT and IoT perimeters likely to attract the interest of an attacker:

  • On-premise, cloud and hybrid infrastructures
  • Mobile applications
  • Web3 applications
  • Telecoms and VoIP
  • Fixed and mobile terminals
  • OT systems
  • Wi-Fi networks
  • Web and native applications
  • IoT
  • Application Programming Interfaces (API)
  • Source code
Our experts can also provide you with more realistic support through our Red Team.

Scenarios tailored to your needs

You can choose one or even a combination of the following approaches:
White box Pentest

The pentester has full, detailed information about the target system (architecture and system diagrams, source code, access data, etc.). This allows him to provide an exhaustive assessment of the system's security status.


Black box Pentest

Penetration testing in "black box" mode is considered to be the most realistic test method, as the pentester has no information about the target system to succeed in breaking into it. This method highlights vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a real attacker.


Grey box Pentest

A mix of white and black box pentest. The pentester only has access to a certain level of information about the target system, in order to conduct more specific tests, while exploring the system further to identify potential vulnerabilities.


Pentesting vs. vulnerability scan

A vulnerability scan primarily uses automated testing tools, which makes them cheaper, but also fairly incomplete and limited in scope.

A penetration test, in comparison, examines the test object individually and manually.

A growing threat

Nearly 100% of web applications have vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing is one of the 3 most effective tools for improving IS security.

More than half of the companies surveyed suffered an attack in 2020.

Source: ImmuniWeb

Source: Ponemon Institute

Source: "Under the Hoodie" - Rapid7

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Who are we?


  • Alter Solutions was founded in Paris, in 2006, and has since focused on digital transformation.
  • We operate in 8 countries, with 10 offices, across Europe.
  • We have been security partners for companies in the manufacturing and service sectors for 10 years.
  • We are also Great Place to Work® certified.

Why are we the ideal cybersecurity partner?


We're backed by global experts in software development and testing, analysis, systems and support, project management, business analysis, cybersecurity and much more.

We have a strong track record across different sectors and technologies, and our approach to IT services is technology agnostic - what's right for each customer is what counts.

We pride ourselves on our solution-focused attitude, our people-centred approach and the way we adapt to our customers' needs.


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