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Alter Solutions is an information technology consulting company, a catalyst for digital transformation.

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Our mission


We are a team, a community, a group of people ... with a common goal: grow and make our company grow. Find out what drives us on and what makes Alter Solutions a thriving and fast growing European group.


We work together, we play together and we grow together. If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together: this is what drives us every day.


Besides, we are convinced that sustainable growth is possible for businesses in the IT services sector. For this reason, we work every day to combine expertise, business development and high-quality interpersonal relations while limiting our impact on the environment.

Alter Solutions Group in 2021


Alter Solutions Group over the next 3 years


Our History

The beginning of the adventure
Alter Solutions started with Louis and Mathieu, founding partners, in a small office in Versailles. The team quickly grew and bigger offices were needed, while keeping the exceptional work environment.
Our Digital business unit
Our digital activities continued to gather momentum, especially in IT development. The challenges and implications associated with the digital transformation of businesses were on the rise, which is why this business unit was created.
Our Cyber business unit
Aware of the risks arising from this digital transformation and fascinated by defensive security, it was an obvious choice to create this business unit. It quickly gained momentum in France.
A European aspiration...
Our European adventure kicked off with the opening of two subsidiaries: Alter Solutions Portugal, with an office in Lisbon, and Alter Solutions Benelux, with an office in Brussels. At the same time, a Nearshore Development Center was created at our facilities in Portugal.
...that gathered pace
We continued our European expansion with the opening of an office in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Growth in Portugal
To be even more accessible for our customers, we opened a new office in the North of Portugal, in Oporto.
Proud to be Europeans!
This time, we set out to conquer Warsaw with Alter Solutions Polska team. And we set up new offices in Germany.
New offices?
Absolutely! First of all, in France, where we are joining the Cyber Campus. Then in Spain with the inauguration of Alter Solutions España. We will reveal our future location very soon...

Life at Alter


Our main motivation is to provide everyone with an enriching and positive experience, respecting the individual personality of each Talent.


Allowing space to propose, question, analyse, grow and see your work recognised are permanent priorities.


Every day, we accompany our Clients in their technological and innovative challenges and, at the same time, we encourage the development of the skills of our Talents.


The satisfaction of our Customers and Talents is our priority.

Our values


Specialising and striving for excellence


Innovate and adapt in all situations


Engaging and sharing information


Embracing and promoting diversity


Anticipating the challenges of tomorrow
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