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Audit & Pentesting


Through our audit, penetration testing and Red Team services, we assess the exposure of your tertiary and industrial Information Systems (IS), as well as your IoT/embedded devices to a cyberattack, and assist you with a continuous improvement approach to your information security posture.

To provide guarantees and strengthen the trust of our clients, we engage in a process of labeling and certification of our services and resources.

We rely on the PASSI qualification for all scopes: organisational and physical audit, architecture audit, configuration audit, code audit, and pentesting.

This qualification ensures, among other things, a high level of expertise from our auditors to our clients, as well as a robust and proven audit process.

The PASSI qualification is a security VISA issued by the ANSSI (French National Cybersecurity Agency)

Our diverse audit services

A wide range of services, whether you are looking for a comprehensive or targeted assessment.
Alter Solutions' pentesting experts performing a risk analysis

Our auditors assess the security management of your information systems in relation to reference standards, your internal and sectoral benchmarks, and your operational risks.

Our experts evaluate the technical and organisational security measures of your information systems in relation to security needs in terms of availability, integrity, confidentiality, and traceability, taking into account the threats that the system in question will face.

Our auditors analyse the configurations of essential equipment that make up your information systems by comparing them to your internal security policies and recognised standards.

Our experts conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your web applications, mobiles, thick clients, embedded and smart contracts. We combine automated static analysis with human code review and dynamic assessment to identify vulnerabilities and enhance the security of your applications.

Our pentesters operate within a scope defined with the client, simulating attacks from various access points, both from outside and/or inside your networks or targeting specific systems and equipment. They assist you in defining scenarios and choosing approaches (black box, gray box, and white box) that best meet your security objectives.

Our most experienced pentesters simulate and sequence a complete advanced attack against your company, from information gathering to the retrieval of confidential documents or access to critical functionality, through the exploitation of technical or human vulnerabilities. This service will challenge your security incident detection and response teams.

The scope covered by our services

Information Technology (IT)
  • Infrastructure : data centers, enterprise networks, private and public clouds.

  • Systems: servers, virtualisation, hypervision, orchestration, containerisation.

  • Telecom and VoIP.

  • Wi-Fi networks.

  • Fixed and mobile terminals (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, specific).

  • Web, native, and mobile applications, hosted on-premises or with cloud providers.

  • Web3 applications, blockchain, smart contracts.

Operational Technology (OT)
  • Industrial control systems (ICS)
  • SCADA systems
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS).
  • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).
  • Various embedded systems.
  • Smart cards (Java Card...).

Internet of Things (IoT)
  • IT Cloud infrastructure, web/API interfaces.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Communication (NFC/RFID, BT/BLE, UMTS/LTE, WIFI...).
  • Update systems.
  • Firmware.
  • Physical interfaces (USB, JTAG, SD...).
  • Hardware.

The major benefits of security audits

Why is it essential for your company to regularly conduct security audits?
Cybersecurity expert working on a cyber resilience plan for a client
Identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks:

Detect security flaws as early as possible and reduce risks to preserve the integrity of your systems against threats. Early detection is essential to strengthen your resilience.

Enhance your security posture:

By proactively and regularly assessing your company's IT infrastructure, you simplify the protection of your data, systems, and networks while avoiding financial losses.

Maintain compliance:

Ensure that you comply with requirements and standards imposed by your industry with regular security audits. This way, you avoid legal and financial consequences that can harm your company.

Prevent financial risks:

By taking preventive measures, your company protects itself against financial losses due to major security issues, such as data breaches, ransomware deployments, legal sanctions, and ultimately customer loss.

Our experts are certified

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