Audit & Control

Our Audit & Control service regards: 

  • Expertise in organisational audit, technical audit (configuration, architecture and code audit), pentest and Redteam
  • A pragmatic approach tailored to the security goals, defined in liaison with clients
  • Certified pentesters and auditors (OSCP, GXPN, CISSP, CISA, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor) who give precedence to human expertise
  • A team well-accustomed to working in a critical environment, assessing and minimising the business impacts of intrusion tests and audits
  • A method grounded in the market’s leading standards and the experience of our auditors

Which service will provide the best assessment of your security?

Organisational audit

Our auditors assess how well the security of your information systems is managed in relation to the reference standards, your internal and sector-specific reference standards and your operational risks.

Architecture audit

Our experts assess the technical and organisational security measures of your information systems in relation to security requirements concerning availability, integrity, confidentiality and traceability, while considering the threats that the system in question will be exposed to.

Configuration audit

Our auditors test the implemented security configurations against internal policies and reference standards.

Code audit

Our experts evaluate your web and fat client applications through industrialised static analysis, a human code review and a dynamic approach.


Working within a perimeter agreed with the client, our pentesters proceed in the same way as an attacker would. They can simulate attacks from outside and/or inside your network, or target specific systems and equipment. They help you to define scenarios and select the approaches (black box, grey box and white box) that will provide the best response to your security objectives.

Our experts are certified

Our Business Models


Our Outsourcing teams combine the experience of senior engineers with the dynamism and creativity of young professionals, resulting in multidisciplinary and flexible partnerships that benefit the Client.


At Alter Solutions, we honor the Nearshore DNA by providing adapted work methodologies, Client tailored project management, live projects and teams, and a shared language.

Turnkey Projects

The Client launches the challenge, Alter Solutions' specialized teams idealize and develop the project for immediate implementation.

Why choose Alter?


To provide guarantees and consolidate the trust that our clients place in us, Alter Solutions has implemented a labelling process for our services and resources. RGS (General security baseline) PASSI (IS security audit services provider) qualification is the first milestone in this strategy.


Developing and maintaining a high level of expertise is one of our main objectives. We are fostering communities of in-house experts that complement Alter Solutions’ cybersecurity services. In addition to our intelligence and innovation budget, we train and certify our consultants and auditors with the best cybersecurity organisations.

Local Presence

We operate in 11 countries, so we are always on hand to assist you, with project and assignment management in your own language if needed, by supplying the skills and resources of all our European teams.
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