• Analysed dimensions – credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie – exceeded 78% of positive reference.
  • Camaraderie, fairness, respect and pride were the most highlighted factors.
  • Certification received by the company in Belgium, Portugal, France, Germany and Poland.


Alter Solutions Benelux, a technology consultancy company for software services and cybersecurity, working with outsourcing, nearshore and turnkey project models, renewed the certification as Great Place to Work®, the global authority on culture and well-being at work.

This certification reflects the dedication and continuous efforts of the Alter Solutions teams to create an inclusive, positive, fair, and well-being-promoting workplace.

Credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie were the dimensions evaluated by the Great Place to Work® survey of more than 850 employees in Belgium, Portugal, France, Germany and Poland. In the evaluation carried out by the employees in Belgium, the positive results obtained in matters such as justice, safeness and respect for sexual orientation, colour, ethnicity, age or gender stand out.

In the Benelux region, Alter Solutions prioritises a series of practices aimed at the well-being of its employees. Among these, we highlight benefits that go beyond salary, a quorum of employees focused on improving company processes with the Improvement Board, as well as ongoing training and opportunities for interaction at gatherings and events.

Nawal Hammou, Head of Operations at Alter Solutions Benelux states that “here, we have a very close relationship with all our employees, we are always available to help them with whatever they need. From our point of view, this practice encourages more productivity and is one of the reasons why we are certified, once again, as a Great Place to Work.

Our growth is remarkable, but our commitment to making all employees feel welcome and happy is always in our priorities. It is with great pride that we renewed the certification in four of the countries in which we are present and that we added another country to the list. We seek to continue to join the global community of companies that put their people first, for many years to come”, states Louis Vachette, President of the Alter Solutions Group.



The Alter Solutions group is an Information Technology Consulting company, a catalyst for Digital Transformation, created in 2006, in Paris.

In 2022, Alter Solutions joined the act digital group, creating a global community of talent in Technology, with a presence in twelve countries: Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, United States of America, Morocco, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal and Serbia. Also in 2022, we were certified as a Great Place to Work®.

In the Benelux region, we partner with over 20 clients and a team of over 50 people, working in projects for industries as diverse as banking, insurance, transportation, aviation, energy, and telecom.

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