Case Study

Development, deployment and maintenance of applications on cloud environments

Alter Solutions consultant working

  • Automotive (major international group)


  • Develop new services, deploy them and maintain them on an AWS cloud environment


We worked on the application of a major international automotive group, which enables users to access the group's various applications by establishing a single connection.

The main goal of this project was to develop new services, deploy them and maintain them on an AWS cloud environment.


  • Framing requirements and writing user stories;

  • Developing new functionalities;

  • Maintaining the application and managing the various services;

  • Setting up a continuous integration chain to ensure quality;

  • Deployment and validation of automatic deployment procedures.


  • Java

  • Git

  • Spring

  • Docker

  • AWS

  • Kubernetes

Keys to success

  1. The group's ability to mobilise different areas of expertise across several geographical regions, 24/7, thanks to the implementation of effective collaborative methodologies and tools (Scrum, Lean, Jira, Git, etc.);
  2. Our advanced mastery of the public cloud, thanks to our partnership with the main providers and our access to their specialised certification courses;
  3. Our DevOps culture, which fosters continuous improvement and increases the rate of delivery.