Case Study

Risk analysis and ISS compliance

Team of risk analysts having a meeting at the Alter Solutions office

  • Aerospace & Defence


  • We were integrated into a department dedicated to risk management and compliance of sensitive Information Systems (IS).



The department we were integrated into focuses on Information Systems Security (ISS) expertise and has the following goals:

  • Assessing the combined compliance of sensitive IS with II 901, GDPR and PPST and export rules;
  • Conducting risk analyses on these IS based on the EBIOS 2010 methodology;
  • Supporting IS managers in the implementation of corrective measures;
  • Improving the process in place, the tools, and training the junior consultants.

Keys to success

  1. Our security expertise and an understanding of the challenges of sensitive IS;
  2. Our ability as a service provider to interact with the managers of a wide range of IS;
  3. Familiarity with legal frameworks (exports, privacy, national defence);
  4. Our ability to provide feedback to decision-making bodies (CSO, CISO, export control);
  5. Streamlining of reference systems and industrialization of tools.