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Our main motivation is to provide all talents with a positive and enriching experience. We follow your every step, share moments of conviviality, respect your individuality and work daily to have the training you are looking for.


Great Place to Work label in Belgium

Great Place to Work®

Alter Solutions has obtained certification from Great Place to Work®, reflecting the daily work of all Alter talents, which effectively make us an excellent place to work!

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Career Management

Software developer attending an online JavaScript training program
Our employees and their talents are at the heart of our success, we pay special attention to developing their knowledge and technical skills.
Even during the project period, our talents are never alone in the face of professional challenges they might encounter.
Aware of the strength of the collective, we encourage innovative collaborative projects and encourage team cohesion through various events.
We support and monitor the mobility projects of our employees, in Belgium and in Europe, thanks to our different locations.
Great Place to Work
Alter Solutions Benelux obtained certification from Great Place to Work©, a global authority on culture and well-being at work.
Alter Solutions has always proposed interesting technical tasks to me. It is a company that listens to its employees, so it is very good to work under these conditions.
No matter what your position is: you are key. The people are at the heart of Alter Solutions' activity and everyday looks like a fresh new one. Our goal is to grow together and that everyone feels at the right place.
HR & People Manager
Alter Solutions is all about growth and opportunities. You do your job well and there is no limit! You have the opportunity to work and, most important, to learn with multiple cultures and nationalities.
International Business Manager
It's never boring and the dimension gives you the perfect background to grow and evolve as a professional and a person. For most companies, the sky is the limit, but at Alter Solutions, we're going to outer space!
International Recruiter
Close to the employees, the fact that we are heard and the trust of managers, encourage us to give our best.
Business Manager
I have been working at Alter Solutions for over two years and I am very satisfied. Friendly environment and attentive managers. I recommend.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. The increase in the skills and knowledge of our talents is also an asset for Alter Solutions. We always and naturally support your development and learning wishes.

Every year, we have technical, linguistic and behavioral training available, which you can sign up for. In addition to the training we provide, you can always propose any cecrtification/training that you would like to have.

The professional realization of our talents is the key to success for all our projects.

Communication with the respective Managers and Human Resources contacts is essential to allow us to follow the evolution desires and future perspectives of each of our employees: whether through training, international mobility or change of position.

We aim to maintain a close relationship with our specialists, even when they are geographically far from the headquarters.

In this way, all our Engineers benefit from a regular follow-up with their Manager to talk, among other topics, about the current status of the project. In addition, you are offered a semi-annual meeting with the Human Resources department to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

We organize events and encounters very frequently to allow our teams to meet.

These are moments of conviviality designed to bring together our community of consultants.