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Data-driven innovation is key for business success. Alter Solutions masters advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools to help you reach that next level.

What is AI & Data Analytics?

AI and Data Analytics are a symbiotic duo responsible for analysing vast amounts of data, uncovering valuable insights, driving strategic decisions and business growth.

The ability to learn from data and automate processes, enabled by Machine Learning algorithms, is also a big part of AI & Data Analytics – it helps companies achieve higher efficiency and growing business success.

Within the AI & Data Analytics spectrum, there are several services that Alter Solutions provides to help your business thrive. Find out more about each of them.

A growing trend


Businesses using some form of ML, data analysis, or AI tool to maintain the accuracy of their data


Organisations that believe AI tools will give them a competitive edge


Businesses that anticipate AI will improve customer relationships and increase productivity

AI & Data Analytics with Alter Solutions

We offer several data services powered by Artificial Intelligence, that can make a huge difference on business performance:
Group 573-1 Group 573
Data platforms

We design, architect, and deploy Big Data platforms like data lakes (for structured and unstructured data) and data warehouses (for highly structured and processed data). Both solutions leverage AI algorithms to automate data ingestion, cleansing, and organisation.

Group 571 Group 571-1
Data science & Business Intelligence (BI)

We master advanced AI tools that help turn raw data into useful, compelling, and easily understood business information (a.k.a. data science / data visualisation). Then, those tools – especially ML – can help analyse that information to create valuable insights and facilitate informed decision-making (a.k.a. BI).

Group 646 Group 646-1
Data inception & MLOps

We define, right from the start, crucial business metrics to respond to each organisation’s needs and demands (data inception). The backbone of that process is Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), which provides a framework for building and deploying ML models to achieve those metrics.

Group 576 Group 576-1
Internet of Things (IoT) and Intelligent Apps

The intersection of data and AI leads to the development of connected (IoT) and intelligent applications to optimise operations, drive innovation, detect and predict anomalies, allow greater autonomy, and ultimately increase business value.

Group 612 Group 612-1
Data governance

Our AI & Data Analytics services ensure compliance with GDPR, NIS 2, and other relevant regulations. We maintain data security, integrity, and confidentiality at the centre of everything we do.

Business Intelligence experts analysing vast amounts of data

Discover our Business Performance service

Our AI & Data Analytics service is intrinsically linked to our Business Performance metrics and strategies.

Why AI & Data Analytics are crucial to business success

Organisations that leverage AI & Data Analytics services can benefit from:
Data Analysts identifying consumer trends
Improved data quality

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools are capable of handling data coming from multiple sources, in real time, uncovering complex patterns and trends that drive valuable business insights.

Greater speed and efficiency

AI-powered data science facilitates and automates the process of analysing huge amounts of data within short periods of time, helping businesses gather strategic information, develop predictive capabilities, and take better-informed decisions.

Competitive advantage
By keeping up with the latest technologies in Big Data, organisations are able to better understand customers’ behaviour and needs, improve customer experience more rapidly, thus staying ahead of competitors in their industry.
Cost savings
Automating complex data analysis tasks allows companies to reduce human error and operational costs, improve efficiency, and free up their experts to focus on more strategic activities, which ultimately drives higher business success.
Machine Learning expert monitoring business data

Getting started with AI & Data Analytics

Alter Solutions can help you start implementing a successful AI & Data Analytics strategy. Here’s how:
Identify relevant use cases

The first big step is to have a clear understanding of what your company’s specific needs are. Then, we can help you identify relevant use cases that may serve as a starting point.

Ensure conditions for deployment

Having solid data science practices is key to develop any AI product. It is also necessary to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and to make sure there is a qualified multidisciplinary team of experts to keep the work going.

Define roadmap

Establishing steps and deadlines for a successful implementation is a crucial part of the process. We help you define that strategy carefully before jumping into the implementation itself.


This is when your AI & Data Analytics projects actually start coming to life. Some things will go as planned right from the beginning, while others will need adjustments as you go. We’ll be there every step of the way.

Monitor and adjust

We can help you monitor progress, address potential risks or issues, revise what is necessary, and make sure that your transformative roadmap towards AI & Data Analytics crosses the finish line.


Now that the pilot use cases are implemented, and that the process has been refined, it is time to restart the cycle and implement new AI & Data Analytics projects to help your business thrive.

Our business models

IT Outsourcing means hiring external service providers to ensure and deliver certain IT solutions and functions – like software development. Our Outsourcing teams combine the experience of Senior Engineers with the dynamism and creativity of young professionals, resulting in multidisciplinary and flexible partnerships that benefit the Client.

Nearshoring means hiring an IT partner in a nearby country. Nearshore teams work in the same or very similar time zone as the Client's, and share working culture values. At Alter Solutions, we honor the Nearshore DNA by providing adapted work methodologies, project management tailored to the Client, live projects & teams, and shared language.

Turnkey Projects
The Client launches a challenge. Alter Solutions' specialised teams idealise and develop the project for immediate implementation. As the word "turnkey" suggests, it means that the client can simply start using the finished product after the IT service provider develops it, considering the initial requirements and the business terms agreed upon.
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