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Case Study

Development of web application to create eVouchers

Back-end developer working on an application to create eVouchers





  • Service
  • Founded in 1966 in France
  • Food services, facilities management and employee benefit solutions
  • Present in 53 countries
  • 422,000 employees serving 100 million consumers each day


  • Development of a web application that would enable the creation of eVouchers, so that their monetary value could be discounted in adherent stores.
  • The application should integrate with external services (Treezor and MediaCadeaux), each of them with its own rules and settings.


The project, whose architecture is very similar to that of the microservices context, has 5 modules:

  • Beginner
    Spring Web starter configures each module and provides a single entry point.

  • Beneficiary
    Connects with the internal client (Media Cadeaux), which is responsible for selling the eVouchers (Alter Solutions also served as middleware for communication with the Treezor payment module). In other words: communication phase with the internal client Media Cadeaux, which is responsible for the vouchers, items that are integrated with real Sodexo customers. The Treezor company is responsible for payments, generates virtual cards, and handles the entire legal payment process.

  • Operations
    Provides the points for the Angular application with voucher statistics and other relevant information.

  • Payment
    Communication layer with Treezor, which manages everything related to the virtual cards.

  • Merchant
    Implements external API merchants (Awin, among others) to retrieve vouchers and provide them to Media Cadeaux.




  • Front-end: Angular
  • Back-end: Java 8; Spring Boot
  • Database: MySQL
  • MOM: Active MQ


With this application, the client was able to increase its sales number.

Time and resources

The project lasted for 8 months. The team involved included:

  • Project Manager
  • Functional Analyst
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Tester