Software architecture

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We worked on the redesign of the FAST project - the web application used by this telecoms company’s Customer Service representatives (after-sales, marketing, etc.). They use the application to create files, perform customer-related actions (resolution of technical problems, change of package etc.).

Our remit was as follows:

  • Development of new functionalities;
  • Front-end Maintenance;
  • Addition of core components;
  • Implementation of Redux;
  • Back-end maintenance: maintenance of the various project libraries (webservice calls, data models, etc.);
  • Documentation of public APIs;
  • DevOps improvement (Jenkins GitLab CI);
  • Creation of an internal WebApp to modify the parameters of the customer managers' authorisations.


  • Docker
  • Redux
  • GitLab
  • Kubernetes

The keys to success

The implementation of a DevOps approach for greater alignment of the development and production teams in order to reduce incident analyses;
Our expertise in microservices architecture, which enables weak coupling of the various components of the IS and facilitates its maintainability;
Our knowledge and application of Oauth 2 authentication systems to ensure access security.