Data engineering

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We worked on the development and in-service support of an application used for the creation of reports and real-time follow-up of the surveys conducted by our customer.

Our remit was as follows:

  • Connection between the application and the database server;
  • Automation of addition and editing of SQL queries when creating new functionalities;
  • Development of a customer portal for display and response to surveys;
  • Development of a script for self-completion of surveys in pdf format to save the user the time of inserting data when downloading files;
  • Development of an automated python script for table concatenation and processing in SQL Server;
  • Definition of headers at Confirmit level to trigger automatic campaigns at mailjet level and receive messages in the Azure queue;
  • Creation of a function in Azure for automated email sending via the API without going through the Confirmit system.


  • Docker
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Azure

The keys to success

Our dual expertise in software development and data engineering;
Our knowledge of managed services of public cloud providers.