SOC infrastructure security and MCS

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The service was provided in a SOC infrastructure services security, administration and monitoring team. More specifically, it involved with following tasks:

  • Continuous assessment of the security of the existing services and definition of countermeasures;
  • Hardening of services and kernel on Linux servers;
  • Hardening of the configuration of infrastructure services (Mail, Proxy, LDAP directory, DNS, Web);
  • Implementation of tools to automate infrastructure monitoring and remediation;
  • Ensure PDIS (Provider of Security Incident Detection) compliance of security projects;
  • Validation of ansible configurations applied to production;
  • Participation in the definition of the architecture, integration and maintenance of SIEM services;
  • Definition and integration of an audit automation and anonymisation solution.

The keys to success

Proven expertise in security for Linux servers, SOC infrastructures and automation issues;
Significant service provider experience in security production issues in the banking sector;
Our good communication skills for improvement proposals;
Good communication skills in defence of improvement proposals.